Professor Pramod Ramteke

Pramod Ramteke

Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences
Discipline: Science
Research Area:

Microbiology, biotechnology

Member of The Simeon Network
About me

Professor Pramod Ramteke is currently Professor Emeritus at Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHUATS), Prayagraj. Till recently he served SHUATS as Dean of Post Graduate Studies and Head of Departments of Biological Sciences. He has 36 years of teaching and research experience and contributed significantly towards development of microbe based eco-friendly processes to utilize agricultural wastes for production of biofuel and industrially important enzymes; sustainable crop production; biodegradation and detoxification of environmental contaminants and bio-recovery of heavy metals from agricultural run offs/wastewaters.
He is elected Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Royal Society of Biology, The Linnean Society of London, Academy of Microbiological Sciences (AMI), Biotech Research Society of India, National Academy of Biological Sciences, National Environmental Science Academy, Mycological Society of India and International Society of Environmental Botanists. He is recipient of Excellence in Science Award (SCON), J. C. Bose Gold Medal, Dr. J. C. Edward Medal, Prof. K. S. Bilgramy Memorial Award, Prof. K. V. Shastri Gold Medal and V. S. Chauhan Gold Medal.
He was a visiting Scientist to USA, United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic and South Korea and member of 18th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (1998-99).
Three patents, 2 technologies, 5 databases and 293 gene sequences in NCBI are to his credit. He authored/edited 4 books, over 325 research articles, 51 book chapters and guided 35 PhDs, 71 PGs.