Associate Professor Philip Burcham

Philip Burcham

University of Western Australia
Discipline: Medicine
Research Area:

Pharmacology and Bioethics

Member of The Simeon Network
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About me

My long term scientific interests have focused on the effects of chemicals on human health, both harmful (toxicants) and beneficial (medicines). Living as we do in the New Chemical Age in which chemical exposure is a universal aspect of human existence, I try to do my bit to educate rising generations concerning scientific ways of studying the health effects of chemicals. I have also developed a 1st year unit called Drugs that Changed the World that explores the societal impact of new medicines. I also make substantial teaching contributions to UG and PG programs in science, pharmacy and medicine.

My specific research interests includes a search for potential drugs that attenuate the cellular damage inflicted by noxious substances such as acrolein that are made in ageing tissues. It is hoped that such drugs might be useful in extending the "healthspan" of ageing individuals.

I am also have a broader interest in the interface between science, society, faith and ethics. Due to my appreciation of the factors involved in the historical development of my discipline, I am especially interested in exploring the enabling role Christian ethical values and motivations might have played in the emergence of the modern pharmaceutical innovation sector.