Harry Tjondro

Harry Tjondro

PhD - Research
Macquarie University
Discipline: Science
Research Area:

Biotechnology, neutrophils, N-glycosylation, Mass Spectrometry, Glycomics, Glycoproteomics

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About me

From my 10 years of studying biology and its derivatives, using the available technologies and the equipments I have access on, listening and discussing about nature and how it works, I learned that how God is gracious.

My undergrad thesis talked about how a complex intra- and inter-cellular signalling govern how our cells, tissues and organs works.

My master's thesis talked about how our eyes so packed full of crystallin yet, its structure enables full transparency and hence allow us to see.

My PhD thesis will talk about a post-translational modifications of proteins called glycosylation. That is strictly regulated but loosely controlled that each site of glycosylation may have variations that enables this protein to function properly.

Our Creator created us so UNIQUELY not only phenotypically but also genetically AND molecularly. It reflected how our God created us with much of our design in mind (in His image!).

Which is also why He sent His only begotten Son to this wretched world, also to die but risen from the dead to save me and you from the eternal punishment: a world where fire burns eternally and tortured from the isolation of God's presence!