Promoting Academic Mission

The Missions Support ministry of the Simeon Network could promote mission in the following ways:


  1. Raise awareness among our people, by

    • sharing stories from academics in categories 1-3 above in Simeon Network newsletters to enlarge the view of what life can look like for Christian academics around the world, and how God is at work in universities.

    • encouraging gospel intentionality for those seeking academic work, that they may consider going to a less-resourced place to take the gospel with them.

    • facilitating discussion at Simeon Network events to clarify the nature and scope of academic mission.

    • encouraging those who have gone and returned to share their reflections with the network and/or with specific people who are planning to go.

  2. Inform prayer, by

    • sharing select prayer points from overseas academics, where security allows, via Simeon Network communication channels.

  3. Upskill our people, by

    • providing training opportunities and mentorship in ministry skills that would help members in their current and future mission.

    • publicising relevant ministry training or information events to Simeon Network members (e.g. those run at Bible colleges, local churches).

    • running Cite sessions on upskilling for mission.

  4. Make connections outside the Network, by

    • fostering ties with mission agencies, including opportunities to speak at Cite, inviting mission reps to attend Simeon Network events such as dinners.

    • hosting a Simeon Network stall at missions conferences (e.g. ReachOut).

    • communicating with evangelical Bible colleges in relevant areas about opportunities for returned (or even local) academics to share their experiences (eg. SMBC’s weekly Ministry Matters sessions); this would also promote awareness of academic mission among the colleges and contribute to clarifying its nature.

    • linking academics with visiting missionaries for mentoring or sharing at local campus gatherings or events.

    • connecting with missionaries teaching in theological colleges overseas to learn from their experiences.