Write is a conference that explores the connections between the biblical worldview and current academic research.  It brings together Christian academics, researchers, staff, and students from around Australia, and includes all disciplines from quantum chemistry to literature, anthropology to engineering, and genomics to theology.  Join us as we explore and celebrate the interconnectedness of truth in God's world and equip ourselves to be courageous and articulate advocates of the lordship of Christ in all areas of life and thinking.


The Simeon Network header All of our Sharpening events are designed to make us more effective ambassadors of Christ by exploring the triangle of the gospel of the Lord Jesus (with all of its implications), the research in which we are involved, and the public interest, both what God says is good for society as well as what are current public concerns.


Friday, 27 March 2020 - 3:00pm to Sunday, 29 March 2020 - 1:00pm


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St Mark's Theological Centre
15 Blackall St
Barton ACT



Stuart Piggin

We are delighted to have Stuart Piggin as our keynote speaker for Write 2020 on the Friday night.  Associate Professor Stuart Piggin was Director of the Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience at Macquarie University from 2005 to 2016 and Head of the Department of Christian Thought of the Australian College of Theology. At Macquarie University, he supervised 28 doctoral candidates, working principally on areas of Australian religious history and on the application of Classical and Christian thought to the modern world.

He has written over 100 articles for academic journals and ten books, including Making Evangelical Missionaries, a study of 550 missionaries to India, Evangelical Christianity in Australia, published by OUP and now in its third edition, and Firestorm of the Lord, a study of revival. With Professor Robert Linder, he wrote The Fountain of Public Prosperity: Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740-1914, 2018, and Attending to the Australian Soul: Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1914-2014, 2020, both published by Monash University Press.


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