Melbourne Draft Day 2020


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Researchers from Honours students to Professors Emeritii and uni professional staff are all encouraged to present on the relationship between their Christian faith and their academic life and research.

At Draft, our slogan is thinking truth together because we want to both bring truths together as well as do our thinking together.  Our aim is to develop Christian thinkers who speak truth to the world, informed by a coherent, biblical worldview.

The day is informal, academic, and integrative.  If Draft were a dress code, it would be smart casual.

Saturday, 18 April 2020 - 10:00am to 4:00pm



University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC




The Simeon Network headerWhat's a Draft Day?
Draft Days are designed to make us more effective ambassadors of Christ by exploring the triangle of the gospel of the Lord Jesus (with all of its implications), the research in which we are involved, and the public interest, both what God says is good for society as well as what are current public concerns.

Tone and format

An ideal Draft Day presentation would be able to identify where it sits within that triangle, but, then, it’s a draft day and everything is a work in progress.  No pressure.  Others can suggest interesting ways forward in areas that are underworked.  That’s why we do this with others.

Contributions can be on the order of 20 minutes with 10 for discussion, which might be for someone who has thought through issues before and feels like they know what they want to say, or 10 minutes, with 5-10 minutes discussion, which might be for those who just want to throw out some ideas that are not well formed, but are keen for feedback.


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