The Simeon Network

The Simeon Network is an academic community committed to knowing God through his son the Lord Jesus Christ, and making him known at our universities and around the world.  We are also researchers and support personnel who are committed to truth and the discovering of truth about the creation of God in which we have been placed.  You could say we are an academic community with truth on our minds and Jesus on our lips.


As followers and servants of Jesus, our overarching role is that of ambassador.  We take the news of the death and resurrection of Jesus with us wherever we go, the news that we can come back to God without fear and that forgiveness is guaranteed because Jesus has bought it with his own life.  It is the news of God’s great love extended to his rebellious creatures.


The Simeon Network is a ministry of The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES), and as such holds to the AFES Doctrinal Basis.  This is important because we want to be gathered in a common understanding of the God we worship and the message we proclaim.  The Doctrinal Basis is not unique to AFES and is not the creed of any particular denomination, but is rather a simple outline of evangelical belief.


We are named after Charles Simeon, a preacher of the gospel and Fellow of Kings College, Cambridge, from 1782 to 1836.  Because he loved the Lord and loved people, he established patterns of evangelism and training among the students at Cambridge that would, in the next generation, bubble over into formalised student ministry at Cambridge, and from Cambridge to the rest of the world.  Please read the page here about Charles Simeon, which will also give links to further information.