Ministry Menu

Title Frequencysort descending Audience Location
Come to Cite annually Christian off-campus
Present at Write annually Christian off-campus
Come to Write annually Christian off-campus
Present at T3 event annually Christian off-campus
Evangelistic prayer team fortnightly Christian on-campus
Mentoring PhD student or postdoc fortnightly Public on-campus
1-1 Bible reading and prayer fortnightly Christian on-campus
Create a journal club within your school to discuss interesting papers in your field monthly Public on-campus
Book reading club monthly Christian on-campus
Run reading group for undergrads in your field monthly Public on-campus
Tell one of your peers you went to church on the weekend occasional Public on-campus
Write an article for the Centre for Public Christianity occasional Public off-campus
Invite your colleagues to your house for a meal occasional Public off-campus
Article for public media occasional Public off-campus
Testimony at undergrad event occasional Public on-campus
Article for CASE occasional Public off-campus
Present on research for undergrad training occasional Public on-campus
Present on research at church occasional Christian off-campus
Give talk for undergrad mission occasional Public on-campus
Lobby the uni to maintain freedoms occasional Public on-campus
Connect with AFES/IFES group when travelling occasional Christian off-campus
Teach overseas - intensive, short term occasional Public off-campus
Develop Christian researchers overseas occasional Christian off-campus
Talk to a mission agency about serving overseas occasional Christian off-campus
Read a book about your discipline and review it occasional Public off-campus
Review a Christian book occasional Public off-campus
Learn the names of all the postgrads in your school semesterly Public on-campus
Attend a prayer breakfast semesterly Christian on-campus
Introduce yourself as a Christian in lectures semesterly Public on-campus
Invite students to coffee after lecture weekly Public on-campus
Bible study group weekly Christian on-campus
Blog weekly Public off-campus
Take an MTC course or other Bible and Theology course weekly Christian off-campus
Go along to undergrad Bible talks weekly Christian on-campus
Join undergrad training course weekly Christian on-campus