Namesort ascending Institution Discipline Role
Rev. Dr. Chris Mulherin University of Melbourne Bible and Theology Academic
Rev Matthew Moffitt University of Sydney Humanities AFES staff
Rev Kian Holik Macquarie University Bible and Theology AFES staff
Professor Terence Halliday Australian National University Social Science Academic
Professor Ross McKenzie University of Queensland Science Academic
Professor Roger Lewis Wollongong University Science Academic
Professor Pramod Ramteke Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences Science Academic
Professor Peter Gill University of Sydney Science Academic
Professor Paul Oslington Alphacrucis College Business and Economics Academic
Professor Joseph loudin Ministry Academic
Professor Chris Sobey Monash University Medicine Academic
Ms. Rebecca Randall Australian National University Social Science PhD - Research
Ms. Connie Mogg Monash University Professional staff
Mrs. Alison Pollard Macquarie University Administration Professional staff
Mr. Wayne Charters Macquarie University Information Technology Masters - Research
Mr. Warwick Baines Charles Sturt University - Orange Business and Economics Academic
Mr. Tihan Bekker University of Queensland Science PhD - Research
Mr. Thomas Trebilco Flinders University Science PhD - Research
Mr. Michael Czajka Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Science PhD - Research
Mr. Matthew Gray Tabor College Adelaide Bible and Theology Academic
Mr. Matthew Francis Engineering Academic
Mr. Dan Toohey University of Newcastle Law Professional staff
Mr. Bruce Pollard Robert Menzies College Business and Economics Ministry worker
Mr. Brenton Leske University of Western Australia Science PhD - Research
Mr. Ben Rae University of Western Australia Ministry Ministry worker
Mr. Andrew Pfeiffer University of Adelaide
Miss Kathryn Schroeder Victoria University of Wellington Science PhD - Research
Miss Chelsea Forest University of New South Wales Science PhD - Research
Harry Tjondro Macquarie University Science PhD - Research
Dr. Yixin Jiang University of Sydney Social Science Research staff
Dr. Tanglaw Roman Flinders University Science Research staff
Dr. Simon Angus Monash University Business and Economics Academic
Dr. Sandy Clarke-Errey University of Melbourne Science Academic
Dr. Robert Chapman University of Newcastle Science Academic
Dr. Rebecca Poulos University of Sydney Science Postdoc
Dr. Mark Stephens Excelsia College Bible and Theology Academic
Dr. Malcolm Purdey University of Adelaide Science Ministry apprentice
Dr. Lewis Jones University of New South Wales Ministry AFES staff
Dr. Kristel Tjandra Stanford Science Postdoc
Dr. Jennifer E. Nicholson University of Sydney Humanities Academic
Dr. Jean Burke Australian Catholic University - Strathfield Humanities Academic
Dr. Janice Ollerton Humanities Academic
Dr. Glenn Walker University of Melbourne Science Research staff
Dr. Claire Western Sydney University Humanities Academic
Dr. Christopher Watkin Monash University Academic
Dr. Ben Swift Australian National University Information Technology Academic
Dr. Anneline Padayachee University of Melbourne Science Academic
Dr. Aaron Nicholas Deakin University - Burwood Business and Economics Academic
Associate Professor Stuart Piggin Macquarie University Humanities Academic
Associate Professor Neil Foster University of Newcastle Law Academic