Publish 2019

Register for Melbourne by June 26

No Publish conference in your home city?  It's well worth the trip!



University of Melbourne

Golden Grove, Newtown

4-6 July

30 Sep - 2 Oct

Register here

Register here

Publish is an intensive writing workshop purpose built for Christians researchers walking through the dark, seemingly pathless forest of publishing. The workshop is designed to take you from literature review, analysed data, and an idea of how your work contributes to the field to final article, ready to submit, and targeted for your chosen journal.  We’re excited to have Professor Mark Morrison (Economics, CSU-Bathurst) facilitating again this year. Charles Sturt University uses Mark to boost their research output, and it works, so don’t miss this opportunity to boost yours.  It's a three-day, full-time commitment, but it is well worth the investment!

The cost is $90 for workers or $70 for students, and includes morning and afternoon teas.  You will need to bring your own device.

At The Simeon Network, we’re always thinking truth together. We want to be a resource to the church by building expert platforms on the three legs of the gospel, our research, and the public interest. Come to Publish. Build that platform. Grow in service.

See you at Publish!

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