Update on Membership


Last year, the Simeon Network launched its new Membership system. As of May 2017, there are 109 members registered. Here Simon Angus, the Network's Membership Rep, explains the rationale behind the new system and how you can join up.


Why membership?


The Simeon Network aspires to resource, support and connect Christian academics, staff and post-grads across the campuses of Australia to see Jesus proclaimed.


Over the years, whilst Simeon has slowly built a tremendous address book of Christians who share Simeon's vision, and these same people have often engaged with Simeon events, on their campus, in their city or nationally, the affiliation has been somewhat episodic. That is, the work of the Simeon Network has been more characterised by running terrific catalysing activities but less about connecting Christians with one another as part of a single, united movement across the country, engaging with each other, supporting each other and generally keeping up the beat of the Simeon vision between events.


The idea of membership arose as a way of bringing the minimum formality to what it means to be 'part of' the Simeon Network. Essentially, we're asking our wide address book to make the mental change from 'I enjoy going to Simeon things and meeting with Simeon people' to, 'I'm a /member of/ the Simeon Network.'


Membership denotes a sense of ownership, of unity of purpose, of sharing of vision, of working together for the greater good. Membership enables us to express this unity of purpose in a range of exciting new ways such as having a national communications platform, a renovated website presence and so on.


Furthermore, to the outside world, membership takes Simeon into the public square in a new and exciting way. Whilst it's one thing to speak for Jesus as someone who is on the Simeon email list, it's another thing to speak as someone who is part of a national collective of like-minded Christian academics, professional staff and post-grads. To the outside world, we present an emerging movement, who do not each need to speak publicly, but when one of us does speak, the world knows that a large membership stands with them. This is significant.


So we think that the time is right for Simeon to take the step to membership. It's time for us to make that mental shift to 'we, The Simeon Network'.

Membership - is it for me?


If you are someone who is excited by the vision of the Simeon Network, who shares Simeon's evangelical commitments, and you would like to be a part of our growing inter-campus, and national connection and communication opportunities, then it's time to sign up!


To be clear, membership doesn't mean you'll be instantly noted on public-facing websites for media or other contact. You keep control over these details.


Rather, membership is about joining the movement that is the Simeon Network, standing with the hundreds of other Christians like you on campuses across Australia seeking to proclaim Jesus.


By signing up you'll be invited to our national communication network, you'll be able to control and set up your Simeon website presence, you'll be able to find other members on campuses throughout Australia, and you'll be able to start dreaming with other members how we, the Simeon Network, can see the Simeon Vision progress.


Sign up to become a member here.